Times change. People change. As we stepped back from our original brand, we got an opportunity to react to changing market conditions, shifting customer needs, and to refresh and make our solutions more relevant to today's always-on world. We believe INCITE captures the essence of our DNA of who we are, crystalized through our experience in the last 8 years.

INCITE is an award winning, interactive agency with a consulting led approach to solutions in the digital world. Using research and analysis to develop strategies with the power to radically shift behavior, we believe this will allow our clients to leverage unprecedented opportunities in a connected and evolving marketplace.

Foundational brand attributes form the character of an organization. These do not change; a sense of reliability and continuity depend on that. So, as we have evolved into INCITE, the inherent values of who we are, our commitment to excellence and constant focus on high quality delivery of our solutions remain unchanged.

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